• Welcome R2DLiu to EGtv 0

    Welcome R2DLiu to EGtv

    6 months ago, we hadn't heard of him. 3 years ago, he hadn't even touched a controller. Welcome R2DLiu to the young EGtv Fox crew.

    Tue 14th Feb 2017 - 11:07pmRead More
  • EndGameTV signs Crush 10

    EndGameTV signs Crush

    Two young Foxes weren't enough. So we decided to add a third. Welcome Crush to the EndGameTV family!

    Wed 23rd Nov 2016 - 9:59pmRead More
  • eSPL Ruling: SpeedRunsLive vs. Cooldown, GreY 55

    eSPL Ruling: SpeedRunsLive…

    CoolDown’s GreY played versus SpeedRunsLive and had an underperforming internet at multiple points throughout the match. Recordings were submitted to eSPL Staff soon after the set. From this evidence, we conclude…

    Wed 6th Apr 2016 - 2:04amRead More
  • Team Civilization: More Than Just Memories 23

    Team Civilization: More…

    From the ashes of late Japanese team Memory and mystery team Samurai Kidz comes the next potential Japanese superteam: Civilization.

    Wed 16th Mar 2016 - 10:03amRead More
  • A Team (to Not) Overlook - eSPL Preview 22

    A Team (to Not) Overlook…

    "The community is always going to set its own expectations for Overlook, but our own goals are the only ones that matter to us."  We look through the history of one of North America's former champions,…

    Mon 14th Mar 2016 - 5:49pmRead More
  • The Perfect Team: Interview with NSTC's PKfuzzy 21

    The Perfect Team: Interview…

    NSTC is participating in the eSPL's Squid Conference. We recently sat down with PKFuzzy, NSTC's Tentatek, regarding all things team related, and got his thoughts on their scrim with NIS.

    Sat 12th Mar 2016 - 3:15pmRead More